• Read full description of items prior to purchase
  • Reach out to the shop with any and all questions regarding a product prior to purchase. 
  • No refunds and/or exchanges will be made on custom items.
  • All measurement units are displayed in inches. 
  • Customers are responsible for return shipping cost. Item must return in original condition. If item is less than original condition it may result in a prorated refund or no refund at all.
  • All return need to be returned in their original original condition or refund will be prorated based on condition. 
  • Returns have a 10% restocking fee
  • DUSTING: Gently use a soft, damp cloth or CHAMOIS.
  • CLEANING: Use a small quantity of soap and lukewarm water, rinse well with clean water and dry with a soft cotton cloth or chamois. We recommend BRILLIANIZE for cleaning acrylic. It helps repel dust and it's non-toxic, alcohol & ammonia free.
  • REMOVING MASKING: To remove masking without damaging your piece, you can use a piece of GORILLA DUCT TAPE, layover the masking, rub and remove. The process may need to be repeated to remove all masking. If adhesive from the tape is left behind on your piece, just tap with the tape and it should lift right off.  Paper masking can sometimes be difficult to remove/ or some of the adhesive from the masking can remain on the piece. When this happens, soak the piece in warm soapy water to loosen the masking/ or adhesive. If it is tougher than normal to remove, you can use GOO GONE. Spray or pour Goo Gone (let it soak) on the masking or where the adhesive is difficult to remove. 

  • Gently clean your mold with soap and water and let air dry. 
  • Do not scratch, rub or use an abrasive cloth or material. It will scratch or smudge the silicone. 
  •  You may use tape to gently tap the mold to remove dust, hair, dry resin or small particles. 
  • Do not use a torch on your mold. It may result in scorching the silicone and fusing it to the resin causing the mold to tear.
  • You may use plastic bags or plastic wrap to cover molds for storage. 


  • All molds are made to order and can take up to two weeks before shipping.
  • Most orders will only take 2-5 days to be molded and shipped.
  • During a promotion expect a longer processing time. 


  • Buyers are responsible for the cost to reship a package due to wrong address being entered at checkout. 
  • You will be provided a tracking number for your package once the order has been processed.
  • All shipping costs are calculated by weight.
  • Shipping options do not determine the processing time of your order. 
  • International shipping is available. Buyers are responsible for all duties and taxes imposed by their government. 
  • It is buyers responsibility to enter correct mailing address and track package to destination.
  • If your package is stopped in transit and has not had movement in a few days please submit a help request directly to the carrier. 
  • If your package has been marked as delivered and you do not see the package please contact the carrier ASAP. Carriers drop gps pins when scanning a package as delivered and can verify it was dropped off at the correct address. 
  • If your package was marked as delivered and the carrier has verified the delivery address and you believe it was stolen, please file a claim with the carrier and a police report. 


If you are wanting a custom mold or blank please email me directly at contact@405crafted.com or you can send me a message through instagram.