Welcome to 405 Crafted Molds!

Our shop has a large variety of Molding Blanks and Molds. A little bit of everything to appeal to all crafters. If there is something not in my shop and you would like to request a custom please feel free to reach out to me at contact@405crafted.com

  • Freshie Molds

    These molds are great to make you freshies or for a deep pour with resin.

    Freshie Molds 
  • Custom Request

    We welcome custom request! We are able to make molds, blanks, even files to fit your needs. We are even to accommodate casting materials outside of freshies and resin, like soap, candles, food grade etc

    Contact Us 
  • Blanks

    These acrylic blanks have a gloss finish and easy to mold. You can purchase the blank itself or add on a housing option.

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